Pecolia Manigo
An Oakland resident for the past 10 years, Pecolia Manigo is a San Francisco native and mother of two daughters, Niani and Annika. Pecolia’s activism began at age 11, when her family became homeless. It was this that sparked her passion to fight for justice. From advocating for more homeless shelters under Mayor Frank Jordan to joining mentor Ilalo Kalika in understanding other forms of expression through poetry, Pecolia began a life-long journey to becoming an organizer. She has worked with several organizations over the years, strengthening both her organizing and nonprofit management skills while building her analysis of systemic change. These include Third Eye Movement, Schools Not Jails, Jamestown Community Center and YMCA of San Francisco. From 2007 until 2013, Pecolia worked at Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth as Youth Director of Youth Making A Change and Campaign Organizer. For the past year, she has worked for Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN). Pecolia continues to focus on strengthening organizing and membership development of low-income communities of color. She advances a theory of change that socio-economic status is an asset to developing strong platforms for pushing back against inequitable, racial tracking in low performing schools in high poverty neighborhoods. As a Public Administration and Political Science student at California State University at East Bay she hopes to continue building her skills and knowledge to support communities of color to successfully design practice and policies that close the achievement gap, train a new generation of education organizers and support the movement for education justice within the Bay Area, statewide and nationally.


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