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Who Are We?

Let’s Talk Movement Building is a movement that works to create peace among warring parties through talks. We promote the use of talks and other non-violent methods to reduce tension and solve divisive issues that often arise in communities.

Founded over half a decade ago, we’ve helped many communities to hold talks and solve various problems. Our team of peace-makers strive hard to help warring communities strike mutual solutions to impending problems.

About Us

Let’s Talk Movement Building is a peace movement blog site. We were founded five years ago and aim to create peace through talks and other non-violent means.

We understand that violent methods of promoting peace arouse people’s egos and inevitably cause some destruction. However, we adopt non-violent activism to awaken the conscience of people and promote peace.

As a result, there’s introspection in the persons concerned. We engage opposing parties through talks to create harmony and peace.

The techniques we adopt to promote peace don’t waste time. Therefore, we’re able to fully exploit opportunities in the existing scenario as they become available.

Let’s Talk Movement Building creates peace treaties and pacts in no war circumstances. Peaceful talks allow us to expend peaceful and constructive activities instead of engaging in armed or violent confrontations.

Peaceful talks promote social traditions even after launching our movement. We operate the movement without disrupting existing traditions. We support constructive building of the existing system and still make it easy to gradually transition from one system to another.

We use peaceful talks to solve existing challenges without bringing about a political coup or something related. At Let’s Talk Movement Building we aim to promote true revolution through non-violent means.

About Shirley

Founder of let’s talk movement

Shirley W. Norman is the founder of Let’s Talk Movement Building. She studied International Relations and cares about mediation and promoting peace talks. She’s helped multiple warring parties achieve mutual understanding and peace through talks.

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