Different Ways to Achieve Peaceful Talks

Every human in a democracy has the right to freedom of speech. We all have the right to voice our thoughts and opinions. Together with access to unbiased information, we get the chance to hold institutions and leaders accountable for their actions.

As a result, we foster social cohesion and strengthen societies or communities. The right to freedom of expression through any type of media fosters the independence of individuals.

We’ve worked in various vulnerable communities, adopting independence and ethics to guide exclusion. This helps prevent violence in places with tension to foster and promote peace through talks and other non-violent methods.

We inform people and use talks to offer different opinions and views of a scenario or circumstance. We adopt peaceful talks to defuse tensions, shape and spread good values, and counteract hate speech.

During talks, we investigate and questions existing ideas, atop reflecting on pressing matters. We also ensure that the manner in which information is shared doesn’t escalate conflict.

We understand that the information manipulated and shared by those in power often conceals the truth. Political powers usually use that kind of information to create propaganda. Therefore, we hold talks to help counteract such perceptions and false information spread in societies.

Peaceful movements based on talks shape and impact societies or communities. We play an important role in political transformations and positive social changes in communities worldwide. We also fight against stereotypes and stigmas in warring communities to prevent cycles of conflict and violence.

At Let’s Talk Movement Building, we understand that peace is a process aimed at transforming conflict. We need access to independent information and opinions to foster peaceful talks.

Regions that experience lots of conflicts and violence undergo various challenges. This is where we come in to hold peaceful talks to create and maintain peace.

The foundation of democracy, development and dialogue include freedom of information and speech. We use these as pre-conditions to holding peaceful talks and negotiations aimed not just at creating peace, but also promote and protect human rights.

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