Right now, many of us are questioning the value of particular actions and tactics, asking whether or not they will be effective. We are missing the urgent strategic imperative of this moment.

Any action is valuable that challenges the legitimacy of the post-election claim to power.  Any action is crucial that asserts that power and authority rest in the people and supersede state authority claimed in service of domination and violence.

Don’t ask if a tactic is going to work.
Don’t ask if one tactic is sufficient to stop the imminent seizure of power and infliction of harm.

Instead ask yourself these three questions:

1) Does this act help us realize  that we have the power and that if we exercise it anything is possible?

2) Does this act undermine the false claims to legitimacy and power we are seeing, and begin to delegitimize all power that is claimed in service of hate, violence and domination?

3) Does this act reinforce our collective commitment to stand together as a people and defend with our bodies, our songs, and our presence those who are being targeted by vigilante violence and who are being targeted for state violence?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then do it!

And when you see action being taken that reinforces these three strategic principles and core values, celebrate them and lift them up.

If enough people act in ways that reflect these three principles the impossible will very quickly become the inevitable.

The people are rising up. The professional social change class must catch up with the people and affirm that they instinctively understand what time is.













It’s not time to stay on script.

It is time to accept the reality of our situation and show courage in recognizing and using the power that we have.

Be courageous.

Give thanks for starting points, entry points, that first rung on the ladder, that first step in the long journey. Celebrate all those who have the courage to not stop there, but take many steps until the journey is done.

We don’t have to know where the road leads we just need to hold hands, hold our heads high, sing loud and keep marching forward. That road will always lead to a better place if we walk it together and we walk with love.

The power lives within #AllOfUs

Celebrating the #ThreePrinciples