Jeremy Lahoud
Since 1994, Jeremy Lahoud has worked for grassroots organizations focused on youth organizing for racial and social justice. Before moving to California, he spent a decade organizing for racial and educational justice with African American, Latino, and Arab American youth in southwest Chicago. In 2004, he joined Californians for Justice as Long Beach Lead Organizer and subsequently served as Organizing Co-Director and finally Executive Director from 2009 through 2012.

Through his organizing work, Jeremy has helped guide campaigns and alliances to win changes in equitable school funding, college access, juvenile justice, school discipline, and youth employment policies at local and statewide levels. Since January 2013, Jeremy has served as a Senior Associate with the Movement Strategy Center, focused on building capacity for emerging youth organizing efforts, as well as providing independent consulting, focused on strategically supporting youth, community, and policy organizations to advance racial and social justice.

Jeremy lives in South Los Angeles with his partner, Maria, a high school Social Studies teacher, and their two children, Adila and Tecún. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking the traditional Lebanese food he grew up with and playing capoeira with his adopted Los Angeles family––the Omulu Capoeira group.

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