Kristen Zimmerman

Kristen was drawn to Movement Strategy Center for its spirit of innovation and the opportunity to bring bold, audacious ideas to life. She has stayed for its commitment to risk taking, co-creation and embodying new ways of being.

As a Senior Fellow, Kristen leads the development of MSC’s movement building practice and methodology. Her primary focus is the integration of transformative practice and spirit with strategy, movement and alliance building technologies.

For the last ten years Kristen has been on the leading edge of MSC’s work, serving as a designer, strategist, trainer and facilitator in key projects. Kristen has played a leadership role in the development of Move to End Violence, an initiative of the NOVO Foundation. Her writing (which includes Out of the Spiritual Closet: Organizers Transforming the Practice of Social Justice and ReGeneration: Young People Shaping Environmental Justice, has helped catalyze and re-frame innovative work in multiple sectors. Kristen’s past work includes founding Youth in Focus and launching Full Circle, a weekly cultural and public affairs radio show. Kristen is an active proud parent of a seven-year-old son with Down’s Syndrome, and an enthusiastic parent organizer around special education issues in Oakland. She holds a B.A. from Brown University.