Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan
Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan is a collective member of the Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project and Co-Director of the Our Power Campaign. Since 2007, MG has been helping to bridge the divide between the scale of the ecological crisis and our movement strategies. As a collective member, Michelle leads trainings, facilitates strategy sessions, and works with other groups to carry out local and national campaigns. Michelle co-led the founding and launch of the Our Power Campaign which brings together nearly 40 organizations and alliances rooted in frontline communities across the U.S. to foster a just transition to local, living economies. Michelle brings over a decade of experience in organizing for just food systems as the founding director of the Center for Food and Justice and a Kellogg Food and Society Policy Fellow. She was one of the early initiators of the Farm to School movement in the U.S. helping to start the first Farmers’ Market Salad Bar at McKinley Elementary School in Santa Monica in 1997. Michelle loves to build the soil and work in the garden.


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