Rebecca Aced-Molina
Rebecca Aced-Molina, is a life and leadership coach who works with women who dare to dream of a life that is truly fulfilling, in which they can make a meaningful contribution to the world and be great moms, while relaxing into self acceptance. She is a founding member of Coaching for Justice; a collective of certified coaches dedicated making coaching more accessible to the social justice field. Rebecca started her own consulting practice in 2001, and has been providing leadership and organizational development services to non-profits, governments, and private foundations in the Bay Area and internationally ever since. Her clients have included the East Bay Asian Youth Center, the Public Health Institute, LeaderSpring and the Alameda County Public Health Department, among others. One of Rebecca’s specialties is bridging emotional, analytical and creative approaches to support sustainable change initiatives. At her core Rebecca is a teacher, who uses empowering questions, listening, art, data, and dialogue to deepen understanding. And she loves to explore how human beings learn. In 2011, Rebecca began her coaching journey that led her to supporting activist moms. A working mom of two (9 and 6) dedicated to social change, she understands the struggle with finding the right balance of political, professional, and mom identities, and the intense pressure to be the perfect mom, awesome activist, or smooth “work/life balancer”. Rebecca is passionate about empowering women to be who they are, acknowledge the amazingly hard work and impact of conscious, caring parenting, (even when we lose our cool) and let go! You can visit her Blog at:


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