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Race & Culture Shock: 3 Lessons from South Africa

By |Oct 27, 2014|

A few years back I was invited to a conversation about race, spirituality, disability and sexuality. I was excited: “Yeah, let’s go there!” I thought.

So there I sat, waiting for the forum to [...]

You v. Structural Racism: Rinku Sen’s Netroots Talk

By |Aug 26, 2014|

This past July I went to Netroots where I was honored to attend powerful sessions like “The Resurgence of Black Feminism” and “Ain’t I an Organizer? How Women of Color are the Future [...]

Drunk In Love & Political Imagination: My Week At VONA

By |Jun 30, 2014|

Last week I went to Voices of Our Nation, the week long program for emerging writers of color that co-founder Junot Díaz wrote about in his New Yorker article “MFA v. POC.”

A former [...]

Latino Sci-Fi Film Gets a Second Life

By |Jun 17, 2014|

Fifteen years ago, when Alex Rivera came up with the premise for his award-winning science fiction film Sleep Dealer, the idea of telecommuting was futuristic. Since then, we have become accustomed to the [...]

More Art. More Justice. More Community.

By |Jun 11, 2014|

I’m sitting at a corner window at Pico Taco, a mom-and-pop taqueria that’s been North Oakland for more than a minute. The area’s called Temescal now and somebody’s serving up a new kind [...]

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    Rest in Power Maya Angelou: Writer, Survivor, former Sex Worker & Icon of Black Female Determination

Rest in Power Maya Angelou: Writer, Survivor, former Sex Worker & Icon of Black Female Determination

By |May 28, 2014|

We lost a phenomenal writer in Maya Angelou.  While many will remember her as an inspirational poet, I will always recall her as a groundbreaking memoirist. She was the first writer whose multi-volume autobiography gave [...]

The Five Stages of Diversity

By |May 16, 2014|

In recent weeks, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating in conversations on twitter about diversity in media. This recent round began in March with the publication of a New York Times article by Walter Dean [...]

Blogging, Movement Building, & Online Discrimination

By |May 7, 2014|

Sometimes it’s best to get the stupid questions out right away.  So it was, nine months ago, when I sat down for my first MSC blog development meeting.

“What is a blog?” I asked.

I [...]

Imagining the Angels of Bread

By |Apr 14, 2014|

This is the year that squatters evict landlords, gazing like admirals from the rail of the roofdeck or levitating hands in praise of steam in the shower; this is the year that shawled refugees deport judges, who stare at the floor and their swollen feet as files are stamped with their destination;