Gender Justice Series

November 9: What I’ll Tell My Kids

By |Nov 7, 2016|

Sitting here on the eve of the election I wonder how I am going to make meaning of the election results on Wednesday morning, for myself and my daughters who are 8 and [...]

Remember Trans Power – Fight for Trans Lives

By |Nov 20, 2014|

November 20 marks Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to honor the many who have been killed by violence aimed at transgender people. Let’s Talk commemorates this day with art created by Micah [...]

Race & Culture Shock: 3 Lessons from South Africa

By |Oct 27, 2014|

A few years back I was invited to a conversation about race, spirituality, disability and sexuality. I was excited: “Yeah, let’s go there!” I thought.

So there I sat, waiting for the forum to [...]

From an Economy of Violence to an Economy of Care

By |Oct 22, 2014|

Reading “When Living on Tips Means Putting Up With Harassment” in the New York Times this week made me reflect on my own brief career as a waitress.

As a student in my late [...]

Don’t Buy the Frozen Eggs!

By |Oct 17, 2014|

I laughed out loud when I first read about Facebook and Apple’s plans to cover the cost of freezing eggs for women employees.

What a surreal attempt at gender equity within a sector that [...]

Soldiers NO MORE in the War Against Women: A Call to Men

By |Jun 6, 2014|

There is a war against women, and men and boys are trained every day to be the soldiers. Misogynist violence isn’t the biological imperative of men. Misogyny, the worldview that engenders, validates, and normalizes violence against women, is beaten into boys and woven into the fabric of “successful masculinity”. While very few men consciously choose to be horrible to women, the reality is, every day “respectable” and “acceptable” norms of how men interact and treat women are infused with male entitlement and male privilege. Together, these norms contribute to a culture of misogyny, rape, assault, and emotional abuse.
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    “Gender As We’ve Known It Is No More” — An Interview with Brown Boi

“Gender As We’ve Known It Is No More” — An Interview with Brown Boi

By |Jun 3, 2014|

Erica Woodland works with Brown Boi Project, an organization seeking to transform the way people of color experience gender and to create healthy models of masculinity. Erica has worked for more than a [...]

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    Rest in Power Maya Angelou: Writer, Survivor, former Sex Worker & Icon of Black Female Determination

Rest in Power Maya Angelou: Writer, Survivor, former Sex Worker & Icon of Black Female Determination

By |May 28, 2014|

We lost a phenomenal writer in Maya Angelou.  While many will remember her as an inspirational poet, I will always recall her as a groundbreaking memoirist. She was the first writer whose multi-volume autobiography gave [...]

Learning to Walk: Gender, Economy, & Ecology

By |Apr 30, 2014|

I am learning how to walk again.

I lost my walk after an intensive yoga training — the third of nine I am undertaking to strengthen my personal practice and my role as a [...]

My Queer Chicana Eye on My Brother’s Keeper

By |Apr 1, 2014|

I am a queer Chicana building an alliance with boys and men of color. The connections between who I am and who I work with may not seem obvious to you or to many people, including those launching My Brother’s Keeper, President Obama’s new initiative aimed at empowering boys and young men of color. In fact, the connections weren’t even completely clear to me just three years ago.