Media Justice

Online for Power? Shifting Our Movements Toward the Future

By |Aug 13, 2015|

Last year, as the uprising in Ferguson and the movement for Black lives sparked direct action all across the country, many of us turned out on the streets – and actively spread the [...]

Surveillance Kills: Racial Justice in the Age of Big Data

By |Sep 24, 2014|

Surveillance kills people: we need to start saying what this is. This isn’t about the techies and Snowdens of the world; this is about our communities, our people, our lives.
– Lara Kiswani, [...]

Blogging, Movement Building, & Online Discrimination

By |May 7, 2014|

Sometimes it’s best to get the stupid questions out right away.  So it was, nine months ago, when I sat down for my first MSC blog development meeting.

“What is a blog?” I asked.

I [...]