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Our Midnight Call – Finding Unexpected Love With Power

By |May 24, 2016|

On March 30 I received a call at a little before midnight. I was asleep. My 14-year old daughter had just crawled into my bed after studying late for a math test. I was angry when my cell phone rang, right near my daughter’s head. I hit my phone to stop the ring. It rang again. I hit it again. Then it rang with another number. Finally I answered and whispered harshly into the phone, “Who is this! Stop calling! It’s the middle of the night!” On the other end of the line I heard the steady voice of my doctor.

Welcome MSC Co-Director Mimi Ho!

By |Apr 12, 2016|

It is with great joy that I join Taj James as Co-Director at Movement Strategy Center, to stand together in purpose and community with our broad movement friends and family, our MSC staff team, Leadership Team, and amazing network of fellows, associates, and partners.

Love, Strategy, and Terror: Humanity vs. Fear

By |Dec 10, 2015|

This morning I woke up and made breakfast for my daughter and thought to myself: We have entered the Age of Terror. Terror is not new to the U.S. Terror — the infliction of extreme fear — runs deep in our economy and political system, from enslavement of African people to genocide of Native people to violent oppression of any Americans not defined as white. Terror is not new to US action around the globe, where our tax dollars have long underwritten war and brutal repression.
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    Parenting for Liberation: My Practice & the MSC Transitions Lab

Parenting for Liberation: My Practice & the MSC Transitions Lab

By |Aug 19, 2015|

I am raising a young Black boy in a society that is set up to set him up for failure.

This means I am often in protection mode: protection against educational inequity, unfair [...]

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    Navigating With Vision: Transitions Lab Nurtures Leaps Into the Unknown

Navigating With Vision: Transitions Lab Nurtures Leaps Into the Unknown

By |Apr 16, 2015|

“Reality is not destiny,” wrote Eduardo Galeano, the extraordinary Uruguayan writer who inspired social justice activists around the globe with his unflinching commitment to truth. Galeano, who lived through imprisonment and the threat [...]

Changing Funder Habits to Change the Game

By |Dec 12, 2014|

We need new habits — philanthropic habits, that is. We need new habits that reflect the state of our country as it is now: a first-world nation where young black men are 21 [...]

The How of Transformative Change

By |Dec 2, 2014|

A few weeks ago I got to spend two days in Oakland with a tremendous group of wonderful people brought together by the Movement Strategy Center.

We came together to explore one big question: [...]