Racial Justice
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    From Enough to Abundance:  To My Black Brothers & Sisters from a (decolonizing) Indigenous Latina

From Enough to Abundance:  To My Black Brothers & Sisters from a (decolonizing) Indigenous Latina

By |Jul 11, 2016|

It is not enough for me to tell you how brokenhearted I am

It is not enough for me to know that your liberation is also my liberation

To move to abundance, I will hold [...]

Vision Beyond Violence

By |Jul 9, 2016|

What if we had a system of community care and safety organized around the values of dignity, wellbeing, safety, restoration and love?

What if we thought about the application of care before we thought [...]

Am I Happy the Cop Was Fired?

By |Oct 29, 2015|

Am I relieved that the cop was fired?


Am I happy the cop was fired?


Do I worry that people think this was an isolated incident, rather than a widespread, daily reality for students of [...]

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    Parenting for Liberation: My Practice & the MSC Transitions Lab

Parenting for Liberation: My Practice & the MSC Transitions Lab

By |Aug 19, 2015|

I am raising a young Black boy in a society that is set up to set him up for failure.

This means I am often in protection mode: protection against educational inequity, unfair [...]

Online for Power? Shifting Our Movements Toward the Future

By |Aug 13, 2015|

Last year, as the uprising in Ferguson and the movement for Black lives sparked direct action all across the country, many of us turned out on the streets – and actively spread the [...]

365 Days After Ferguson: Vision More Than Ever

By |Aug 8, 2015|

One year after Michael Brown’s murder and the uprising in Ferguson, we need vision more than ever.

As a Black woman, I know that we must aggressively imagine what it looks like when we are free, [...]

Solutions Emerging from the Movement for Black Lives

By |May 13, 2015|

I am an ally in the movement for Black lives, so social and alternative media are my required reading. It’s there – not in the shamefully racist and sensationalistic corporate media – where I [...]

#Black Lives Matter: “It’s about how we are together”

By |Feb 12, 2015|

In early October 2014, Alicia Garza arrived in Ferguson, Missouri. Less than two months after Ferguson Police officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, the community of Ferguson was under siege. In the wake of Brown’s death, grief and rage enveloped the city like dense smoke. Centuries of pain from racism, alive and embedded in schools, jobs, neighborhoods, and endless police harassment, rose to the surface.

Remember Trans Power – Fight for Trans Lives

By |Nov 20, 2014|

November 20 marks Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to honor the many who have been killed by violence aimed at transgender people. Let’s Talk commemorates this day with art created by Micah [...]

Race & Culture Shock: 3 Lessons from South Africa

By |Oct 27, 2014|

A few years back I was invited to a conversation about race, spirituality, disability and sexuality. I was excited: “Yeah, let’s go there!” I thought.

So there I sat, waiting for the forum to [...]

From Moment to Movement: Learning From Ferguson October

By |Oct 15, 2014|

Strength. Dignity. Power.

These are words that come to my mind in the images from Ferguson October, the recent days of action protesting the August 9 police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

From [...]

Surveillance Kills: Racial Justice in the Age of Big Data

By |Sep 24, 2014|

Surveillance kills people: we need to start saying what this is. This isn’t about the techies and Snowdens of the world; this is about our communities, our people, our lives.
– Lara Kiswani, [...]

You v. Structural Racism: Rinku Sen’s Netroots Talk

By |Aug 26, 2014|

This past July I went to Netroots where I was honored to attend powerful sessions like “The Resurgence of Black Feminism” and “Ain’t I an Organizer? How Women of Color are the Future [...]

Supporting Black Leadership for the Whole

By |Aug 21, 2014|

Movement building demands leadership for the whole: leadership grounded in the strength of most impacted communities and able to lead the whole of society. Powerful movements need groups like The Organization for Black [...]

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    Gentrification on Steroids: The Detroit Water Shut Offs & You

Gentrification on Steroids: The Detroit Water Shut Offs & You

By |Jul 31, 2014|

In the past four months, more than 15,000 Detroit households have had their water shut off, generating a crisis the United Nations calls “a violation of the human right to water and other [...]

My Voice: Youth Leadership & My Brother’s Keeper

By |Jul 25, 2014|

I am a Youth Leader for the Youth Table that has come together to ensure the voices of young people are heard in My Brother’s Keeper and the new national initiatives for boys [...]

Drunk In Love & Political Imagination: My Week At VONA

By |Jun 30, 2014|

Last week I went to Voices of Our Nation, the week long program for emerging writers of color that co-founder Junot Díaz wrote about in his New Yorker article “MFA v. POC.”

A former [...]

Seven Ways Funders Can Support Racial Justice

By |Jun 27, 2014|

A few months ago I spoke to Eva Paterson, president of the Equal Justice Society, who described “disturbing trends in some national foundations; a pulling away from race where they seem to be [...]

Soldiers NO MORE in the War Against Women: A Call to Men

By |Jun 6, 2014|

There is a war against women, and men and boys are trained every day to be the soldiers. Misogynist violence isn’t the biological imperative of men. Misogyny, the worldview that engenders, validates, and normalizes violence against women, is beaten into boys and woven into the fabric of “successful masculinity”. While very few men consciously choose to be horrible to women, the reality is, every day “respectable” and “acceptable” norms of how men interact and treat women are infused with male entitlement and male privilege. Together, these norms contribute to a culture of misogyny, rape, assault, and emotional abuse.
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    “Gender As We’ve Known It Is No More” — An Interview with Brown Boi

“Gender As We’ve Known It Is No More” — An Interview with Brown Boi

By |Jun 3, 2014|

Erica Woodland works with Brown Boi Project, an organization seeking to transform the way people of color experience gender and to create healthy models of masculinity. Erica has worked for more than a [...]